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WHEN it comes to sex, a little of what you fancy can be good for the soul. But, health experts have taken steps this week to warn when an obsession with sex becomes all-consuming, it can be dangerous. Sex addiction, known by the medical term compulsive sexual behaviour, is now classified as a mental illness, according to the World Health Organisation.

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Pablo Escobar is something of a legend. Politicians who spoke out against the Medellin drug cartels were dropping at a rate of about one a day at one point, making it clear who ran the country. It was not a benevolent dictatorship at all.

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Published: November 26, Tiger Woods, disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein are some of the fallen luminaries who have been patients at the bad boy boot camp. And it is a form of public penance, like when people would wear shame masks.

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Sign in. Watch now. Jinjer James stars as the innocent girl thrown into a world of sex, violence and gore which must be seen to be believed. An Island of strange sometimes erotic, sometimes disgusting creatures all overseen by a demented "doctor" with twelve fingers.

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From the shows that are deemed popular to the posts on our social media pages—sex is on the minds of a lot of people. But seemingly in an unhealthy way. Chastity is the most unpopular of the Christian virtues.

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Already have an account? Sign in here. What happens in Vegas… turns into a naked nightmare.

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By Sean Braswell. Do asexuals read romance novels? Watch pornography?

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How am I supposed to feel any self-esteem about my body image in this sex-crazed world? Now days, without even looking, sexual images are displayed and thrown out to the world on a daily basis. How am I supposed to not compare and get down on myself after being exposed to this? Read the rest of this story at deseretnews.

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Imagine living in a world where, after the stress of each day, husbands and wives found comfort in sexual intimacy as David did with his wife after the death of their child. Imagine living in a world in which the only reason for not having sex with your marriage partner was the urgency of prayer. It would be a sex-crazed world.

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Does God really expect us to be able to keep ourselves pure in the midst of such a sex-crazed society? In the context of the opening passage above, God describes a long list of sexual sins the nations that were currently in the Promised Land, which Israel was about to inherit, had committed. These sins included adultery Leviticusincest Leviticushomosexuality Leviticusand even bestiality Leviticus among others. Because these nations had committed these sexual sins, among other sins, God was casting them out of the land Israel was going to inherit Leviticus


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