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Standard Business Card Sized 3. We have hundreds of custom shapes to choose from for your plastic card project. View our selection of custom shaped templates.

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Get free business card templates, Our diecut and paper sleeve catalogs are available for download at the bottom of this page. Card Templates. Carrier Templates.

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Leading provider of security neXus, with offices in eight countries, is a leading international provider of security solutions and services across the entire Identity and Access Management IAM spectrum. We secure both physical and digital assets. Among our assortment of products, you can find everything you possibly need when it comes to smart cards, RFID, and systems for company ID cards.

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The present invention relates generally to carriers for transaction cards. More particularly, the present invention relates to improved packaging of transaction cards via transaction card carriers. Gift cards are legal tender purchased for use by a person and usable in its face amount in lieu of cash in exchange for goods or services supplied by the seller.

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Effective date : Year of fee payment : 4. A multipurpose card, including a multimedia card portion with tiny protrusions on its face and a second card portion with tiny recesses which mate with the protrusions, wherein the two card portions easily connect and come apart.


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