Sperm have no surface antigens

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Ian A. Brewis, Barend M. Proteomics technologies have matured significantly in recent years and proteomics driven research articles in reproductive biology and medicine are increasingly common.

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Background: The selection of sperm with good genomic integrity and surface antigens is suggested for improving assisted reproductive technology ART outcome. Methods: In this study, semen samples were obtained from men who presented at Avicenna Fertility Clinic for their treatment. The specificity of these three biomarkers was

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Ashley I. Yudin, Suzanne E. Generao, Theodore L.

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The interaction of sperm with the egg's extracellular matrix, the zona pellucida ZP is the first step of the union between male and female gametes. The molecular mechanisms of this process have been studied for the past six decades with the results obtained being both interesting and confusing. In this article, we describe our recent work, which attempts to address two lines of questions from previous studies.

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How antibodies to sperm interfere with fertility has been argued at many scientific meetings. No clear-cut answer is available from either epidemiological or experimental studies. We know that animals immunized with whole sperm or sperm extracts have high antibody levels and become infertile.

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Proteolytic release and partial characterization of human sperm-surface glycopeptides. Tortorella 1R. Konrath 1M.

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Antisperm antibodies are antibodies produced against sperm antigens. ASA can be detected in ejaculate, cervical mucus, follicular fluid, and blood serum. ASA can arise whenever sperm encounter the immune system.

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Monoclonal antibodies McAb against human ejaculated sperm were developed from mice immunized with sperm membrane preparations. A solid-phase radioimmunoassay, with dried sperm as antigen, was employed in McAb screening. The tissue and species specificity of monoclonal antibodies HS 2, 4 and 6 were evaluated after absorption of antibody preparations with heterologous sperm, human serum or seminal plasma or cells from other human organs.

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Antisperm antibodies ASA may be a reason of infertility in some individuals. They may affect pre- as well as post-fertilization stages of the reproductive process. There is ongoing progress in the identification of sperm antigens related to fertilization. The employed methods for this purpose include recombinant DNA technology and the most advanced proteomic analysis.


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