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I was a stranger to myself in the autumn of I was in my mids and trying to be good. I was attending synagogue at least twice a week, going on dates with suitable men, working at a proper responsible job.

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In the YouTube video I talk about the endless bullying in my childhood, the trauma of reparative therapy and my suicide attempt as a result of a frum community that seemed to not want me to exist simply because I was gay. My message was that, with time, with understanding friends and with self-acceptance, it gets better. I hoped to tell other kids who may be on the brink of suicide to stick it out, because life gets better; even for gay Jews growing up in the Orthodox community.

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As some in the Sephardi world stand in an uproar as one rabbi opens a dialog around homosexuality, I am grief stricken. Rabbi Joseph Dweck, Chief Rabbi of the Spanish Portuguese community in London, recently gave a class discussing homosexuality in the context of Jewish texts. His words in no way permitted that which is biblical prohibited but rather offered a perspective that recognizes that men having loving relationships might be a good thing.

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To say I am reluctant to discuss this subject is an understatement. It always presents challenges. Especially from people who are gay.

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Sign Up to receive Our Latest Updates! I had gone through life without reading perhaps the most read book in the history of books, Bible included. Observe that the reason the subject came up was that I mentioned to Hilton that he ought to read a couple of hard noses I had written about in Commentaryat the time probably the only intellectual journal to cover these two masters even Bellow had not heard of either until I brought them up with him.

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I have been an Orthodox rabbi for a long time, and I know my decision will be met with shock and exasperation by many members of the Orthodox community. But I also know that our community desperately needs gay Orthodox rabbis, and we ignore that communal need at our own peril. But that biblical commandment does not give us license to ignore or abuse the significant number of carefully observant Jews who are LGBTQ.

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In the late s, I was working as a freelance writer for many magazines and journals, especially those associated with the Orthodox Jewish world. I did so, and attempted to submit the piece to one of the religious magazines where I was a weekly contributor. This lack of visibility has plagued the small but growing community of Orthodox people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender LGBT.

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The event is child-friendly and Kosher snacks will be provided. See below for directions on joining our e-mail discussion list. We require women who are not on our e-mail list to speak with one of the group leaders before attending an event. We are a community of frum queer women who gather to celebrate and study our yiddishkeit.

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In the middle of a global financial crisis, two wars, and serious nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea, the Iowa Supreme Court and the Vermont legislature have just plunged the country into another round of culture war. Just what was needed now. Courts and referenda have created a confusing and contradictory legal patchwork governing gay unions.

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I got together today with my oldest friend in the world. This woman grew up Orthodox like I did and is definitely living in a more yeshivish Orthodox world than I am. This woman has kids who go to single sex school yeshivas and Bais Yaakovs for primary and high school. They will go to mainstream yeshivas and seminaries in Israel, will go through the shidduch process, and would not consider going to a secular university that requires a student to live on campus.


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