Sexual violence during the armenian genocide

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Disclaimer: Readers should be aware that due to formatting constraints, quoted sources in this article could not be included in footnotes and endnotes. Readers should please consult the bibliography section of the article. Inquires may be directed to the author.

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Last Thursday, Governor Charlie Baker traveled to Connecticut to meet with the other New England governors to discuss the energy needs of the region. Governor Baker also participated in a ceremony at the State House commemorating the th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. This week, Governor Baker, Lt.

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Immediately before a massacre of Armenians at the hands of Ottoman Turks, the husband of Armenian survivor Aghavnie Der Sarkissian touched her pregnant belly and urged her to keep their family lineage safe. A possible reason for this distinction: In the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks and the Genocide Against the Tutsi at the hands of the Hutu in Rwanda, the mass atrocities were characterized from the start in ethnic terms. The explicit goal was to eliminate the Armenians and the Tutsi as a people.

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Some authors defended the Sultan and denied or downplayed the extent of mass violence, while others condemned the massacres. Newspapers and public figures raised awareness of the atrocities and their human and political implications, laying the foundation for the substantial missionary and relief work that would last through the Armenian Genocide and beyond. The most important Scandinavian missionary effort at aiding and proselytizing among Ottoman Armenians was to a large degree coordinated between the Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Women Missionary Workers. Scandinavian and U.

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The history of Armenian genocide and its aftermath cannot be understood without taking gender into account. As research on the history of the Holocaust and other genocides has demonstrated, genocidal violence has different but related effects on men and women, on gender relations and on gender hierarchies. Its processes have imposed new meanings on biological differences, femininity and masculinity, and on sexuality.

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On behalf of the Yazidi community, I wish to extend our compassion and understanding to our Armenian sisters and brothers, who are today commemorating the nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Just over a century ago, the Ottoman Turkish authorities perpetrated a genocide against Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Yazidis. Millions were killed or perished on death marches without food or water, just as our Yazidi people were murdered on Mt Sinjar in at the hands of ISIS.

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This emerging body of memory work poses significant challenges to Turkish national self-understanding, the official politics of genocide denial as well as to the growing scholarship on It also calls for a critical analysis of the nine decades of silence on Islamized Armenians in all historiographies. This article aims to discuss the need for a feminist perspective to make sense of both this silence and the recent process of unsilencing. Source: Wikimedia.

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Religious conversion and forced assimilation of Armenian women and children into Muslim households were two of the most significant structural components of the Armenian Genocide. Although conversion can be viewed as a survival mechanism for Armenian victims, in many cases, this strategy failed. Along with their friends, neighbors, and families, converts were also deported and exterminated in many provinces and districts throughout Anatolia during the genocide.

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Criminology has recently expanded its scope to include the study of crimes against humanity. This paper adds to the literature by examining the incidence and purpose of rape in the Armenian genocide. Although the Armenian genocide was a highly gendered event, much of the work on this atrocity has focused on the debate surrounding it: to this day, the Turkish state denies genocide occurred. MacKinnon has distinguished among types of rape by context: rape in general, in war, and in genocide.


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