Restoring a vintage bicycle

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The human eye is a remarkable thing. It picks up on incredibly subtle details, and your brain transforms those signals into snap judgments. You can accomplish a very successful restoration and create a vintage style bicycle with minimal investment and effort.

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At Bell's we specialise in vintage bike restoration and offer every level of restoration to all bikes, in any condition. We have a dedicated restoration workshop with specialist knowledge and a network of partnering companies who we work with to provide chroming and paint finishes. We are based in Hastings, East Sussex although we restore bikes globally and can provide an estimate from photos.

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If you want to try bicycling on the cheap and support keeping waste out of landfills, consider restoring a discarded bicycle as your next project. While the time and money investment will vary depending on the condition of the bike, you still should save a decent chunk of money and will have learned essential repair skills. Instructables user schkip provides a knowledge base for learning to restore dumpster bikes by recommending specific bicycle repair books, tools, and materials to have on hand, taking you through stripping down the bike into parts, restoring the frame, and reassembling the bike.

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Over the 20 years that I've restored old bikes and stripped them for bits, the ever-expanding collection of parts I've taken off has moved with me from house to house without ever being seriously weeded. It now fills a garage. I know very well that I have, for example, a Duraglit tin containing bulbs for Sturmey-Archer headlamps, but doubt I'll ever find it again. Have you ever watched candy floss being made?

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Read our Reviews. Vintage bike restorations come in many packages. Each package is dependent on what your restoration needs are, from complete super overhaul restorations that will have your classic bike looking as if it is fresh off the line to our regular package that will get your bike back in working order we have a package that will work for you.

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Vintage and veteran bicycles of quality and how to preserve them for future generations, with a particular interest in the French 'constructeurs'. Please note all images are my copyright unless otherwise stated, and may only be used with my express permission. People often ask me about how to restore a bicycle.

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I rode the Bridgestone through the summer and fall, but found myself riding it less and less, and ultimately it sat unridden since last December. Although that frame is similar in size to the Panasonic, its geometry is slightly different, with a longer and sloping top tube and shorter chain stays. You can see the slight differences in frame geometry in the above photos.

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Skip to content. Bike Restoration There are many facets to this topic and even more opinions on the best way to tackle bike projects. We here at the collective use techniques that range from very simple to professionaldepending on the project.

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The Peugeot bicycle leaned against the moss covered shed. Its owner stood behind me as I brushed a decade worth of leaves and pine needles off the frame. That was an understatement.

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Scott Wilke, the Bicycle Collector. Scott Wilke has been collecting, restoring, and preserving vintage American bicycles for over 25 years. Starting inScott began his hobby by restoring the Schwinn Traveler bicycle that his mom and dad gave him when he was 10 years old. Since that time Scott has acquired hundreds of vintage bicycles and now has many of them on permanent display at South Shore Cyclery in Cudahy, Wisconsin.