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Osteoglossiformes represents one of the most ancestral teleost lineages, currently widespread over almost all continents, except for Antarctica. However, data involving advanced molecular cytogenetics or comparative genomics are yet largely limited for this fish group. Therefore, the present investigations focus on the osteoglossiform family Arapaimidae, studying a unique fish model group with advanced molecular cytogenetic genomic tools.

Historic legal documents of the epoch, such as Russkaya Pravda 12th century onwardsdistinguished several degrees of feudal dependency of peasants. Serfdom became the dominant form of relation between Russian peasants and nobility in the 17th century. Serfdom most commonly existed in the central and southern areas of the Tsardom of Russia and of the subsequent Russian Empire.

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A slave rebellion is an armed uprising by slaves. Slave rebellions have occurred in nearly all societies that practice slavery or have practiced slavery in the past. A desire for freedom and the dream of successful rebellion are often the greatest objects of song, art and culture amongst the enslaved population.

These computations are experimental and based on the citation analysis provided by the CitEc project, which uses data from items listed in RePEc. Similar rankings See other rankings by type of impact factors. This page is part of a larger set of rankings for research items, serials, authors and institutions made available on this site. A FAQ is available.

June 6th, Headsman. In life, Razin led the most renowned internal rising against the Romanovs, lasting from to He bestrode the Volga — sailed the Caspian — raided foreign lands — established a Cossack republic.

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The opinions and analyses expressed in this book do not necessarily reflect the views and official policies of the International Organization for Migration or its Member States. The book is an independent publication commissioned by IOM. It is the fruit of a collaborative effort by a team of contributing authors and the editorial team under the direction of the editor-in-chief.

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I've been really drilling down on the insurtech industry for the past couple months here on the podcast. And it's interesting: some of the firms I've interviewed have focused on bringing insurance into the Internet era and just making it work better and smoother. Other firms have designed a new whole new type of insurance into being that just didn't exist before.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Doherty and Mr. Entering these halls as freshmen, we were all unsure about what the next four years had in store for us. As we adapted to the chaos of high school, it was your familiar faces among a sea of new ones that helped us settle in.


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