Women sex drive with age

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Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that women from to years-old have a heightened sex drive in response to their dwindling fertility. They report their findings in the July edition of Personality and Individual Differences. In the study, the researchers split women into three groups: high fertility ageslow fertility agesand menopausal ages 46 and up.

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Back to Lifestyle and exercise. A survey of older women has found they are happy with their sex lives even though encounters tend to be less frequent, the Daily Mail has today reported. The survey of older women in California found that nearly half were still sexually active, and that around two-thirds of women questioned experienced sexual arousal, lubrication and orgasm.

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IT'S long been thought women reach their sexual peak a little later than men. But, chances are girls, you'll be having the best sex of your life a little earlier than you expected - in fact, you might have already had it. While past research has shown a woman's libido is most rampant in her 30s, new findings suggest that might not be true.

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What really happens, according to doctors. What you probably don't detect so easily is the way your libido changes as you get older. But it does, thanks to a host of factors. Many factors—some biological, some psychological—influence whether your sex drive is on full throttle or at a standstill at any age.

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Especially in men and women over 40, a low sex drive means less of a desire to jump in the sheets. The good news? A decrease in the desire to get it on is something that can be worked on.

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But it does make me wonder about the future. Is there a time when sex will no longer be on the agenda? And can we—should we—change that?

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How to Navigate This Online Resource. Changes at Midlife. Causes of Sexual Problems.

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Low libido is common in women. Learn what causes it and what you can do to revive your sex life. There is no simple definition of what constitutes a low sex drive. What one woman considers a healthy libido — an adequate interest in and desire for sexual activity — another might consider too low or too high.

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Low sex drive in women has many potential causes, including underlying medical issues, emotional or psychological problems, or work- and family-related stress. The good news is that identifying the root cause of low libido can lead to effective treatment options. It is not unusual for couples to have a disparity in their sex drives.

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Although sexuality remains an important component of emotional and physical intimacy that most men and women desire to experience throughout their lives, sexual dysfunction in women is a problem that is not well studied. Increasing recognition of this common problem and future research in this field may alter perceptions about sexuality, dismiss taboo and incorrect thoughts on sexual dysfunction, and spark better management for patients, allowing them to live more enjoyable lives. This need is especially acute for physicians who will increasingly encounter patients trying to maintain a high quality of life as their bodies and life circumstances change, and as advances in nutrition, health maintenance, and technology allow many to extend the time midlife activities are maintained. One quality-of-life issue affected by these changes, for both men and women, is sexuality.


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