Vaginal contraception ring

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The vaginal ring is a highly effective method of birth control when it is used exactly as directed. The ring failure rate is the same as that of birth control pills. Talk to your doctor about what day to start using the ring.

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Women's Health Contraception: vaginal ring. The vaginal ring brand name NuvaRing is a type of hormonal contraception. It is a thin, soft plastic ring that you place in the vagina, where it releases low doses of 2 synthetic hormones.

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The vaginal ring is a prescription-only method of birth control. The vaginal ring is a small, flexible, plastic ring that you insert into your vagina to prevent pregnancy. The vaginal ring prevents pregnancy by continuously releasing synthetic estrogen and progestin.

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The birth control ring is a flexible circular device that goes inside the vagina. It slowly releases hormones through the vaginal wall into the bloodstream. These hormones help prevent pregnancy.

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Back to Your contraception guide. It releases a continuous dose of the hormones oestrogen and progestogen into the bloodstream to prevent pregnancy. The ring steadily releases the hormones oestrogen and progestogen into your bloodstream, which prevents the release of an egg each month.

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The ring brand name: NuvaRing is a small, bendable ring that you insert into your vagina. It kind of looks like one of those jelly bracelets from the 80s, but it feels a tiny bit stiffer. You leave it in place for three weeks at a time, then take it out for the fourth week.

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The birth control vaginal ring is a small, flexible, plastic ring that is inserted in the vagina. The ring contains the same hormones progestin and estrogen found in most birth control pills. The hormones in the ring are absorbed into the bloodstream from the walls of the vagina and prevent pregnancy by keeping the ovaries from releasing eggs.

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Error: This is required. Error: Not a valid value. The vaginal ring is a form of contraception that can also help women control their periods.

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The vaginal ring is a form of female contraception. This page explains how the vaginal ring works and tells you how to use it. A vaginal ring is a contraceptive ring which sits inside the vagina.

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Find out more information if you have forgotten to change or insert your contraceptive ring and think you may not be protected. The contraceptive vaginal ring is a soft, flexible, plastic ring that goes into the vagina. It is about 4mm thick and 5. The brand name of the contraceptive vaginal ring is Nuvaring.


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