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Beautiful doll for the price point, she has plenty of long soft hair to style and play with! This doll has a full vinyl body that is easy to care for and maintain which is a plus in my book, NOT a soft stuffed body as stated in the description. Cute but I was disappointed that she doesn't have the same soft torso as the rest of the dolls.

Boppi is hands-down the most adorable toy ever made. It twerks its little butt and wiggles its head when activated. And with larger bodies comes much bigger hair, meaning styling the perfect bun or braid by hand is all the easier.

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Shop our wide selection of dolls; from baby dolls, fashion dolls and soft dolls to dolls houses, playsets and vehicles. We also offer the essential dolls accessories such as dolls furniture, prams and clothing so you can care and nurture your new baby doll. Most of you can remember as a child receiving your own baby dolls.

I love that Walmart has used my daughter Averie as an example for this doll. There are several little girls that call this "their Averie doll". Hopefully some other little girl with a disability will be inspired to do gymnastics also.

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Does anyone remember the big old travel trunks of yesteryear? You know the kind seen in old movies when people would travel by boat or train or maybe even by horse and carriage. I remember images of people packing up travel trunks with all of their clothes and goods that would be needed for lengthy vacations.

Size Guide. Dolls are a classic toy that never go out of style. They give children a lovable playtime companion and encourage imagination, sharing and social interaction.

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