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A hacker who claims to have broken into the AOL account of CIA Director John Brennan says he obtained access by posing as a Verizon worker to trick another employee into revealing the spy chief's personal information. Using information like the four digits of Brennan's bank card, which Verizon easily relinquished, the hacker and his associates were able to reset the password on Brennan's AOL account repeatedly as the spy chief fought to regain control of it. News of the hack was first reported by the New York Post after the hacker contacted the newspaper last week.

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Beyond reproductive rights and immigration lawspasswords were a great source of contention during the recent presidential election. When Wikileaks and Russian hackers gained access to the emails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta's emails, it was a wake-up call not just for the security of the Democratic party, but the nation at large. This begs the question: When's the last time you changed your password?

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Not that I often try to guess people's passwords or anything except yours, boyfriend but when I do, I just ask myself, what would my password be if I were them? Now what about if you were Kim Jong-Un? Would it be iinventedthecheeseburger2k16?

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It's easy to see the influence of the ocean, saltwater and a grounding in culture in the growing portfolio images of upcoming model, Noah 'Bijang Moogerah' Slabb. Bijang's father is Yugambeh-Bundjalung and his mother, from Brewarrina, "belongs to the mob out there". As such, he was raised and continues to express himself, as a proud Aboriginal man.

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My feeling was that this topic had already been discussed to exhaustion, and there really was nothing new about the problem that was worth discussing. However, as I read through the dozens of articles on how to choose a strong passwordI realized that the majority of them are focused on trying to solve the wrong problem. There are obviously a few situations where memorable passwords are a requirement, but if you write an article about choosing passwords where password managers aren't mentioned even once, you're not helping anyone.

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A man reportedly grabbed and tried to lead a year-old girl towards a car. It happened at around a. The year-old girl was walking by when the stranger reportedly grabbed her by the arm and tried to walk her in the direction of a parked car. The vehicle is described as a small, silver early s model sedan — possibly a Kia or Subaru.

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A Georgia teen was sentenced to life in prison for murder after strangling his sister in a fight when he changed the wifi password to knock others at home off the internet. Only after his panicked mom called and arriving officers ordered him to let go did Kevon do so, causing Alexus to drop to the floor. She died of strangulation at the hospital hours later, on February 3,

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The girls, who come from DEIS schools throughout Ireland, are given the opportunity to experience firsthand what it is to work on science and technology projects mentored by female role models for thirteen-week after school sessions every spring and autumn. Teen-Turn believe that more girls, from areas where third level education is uncommon, exploring and gaining an interest in science and technology will lead to more women earning these qualifications, thus meeting the current demand for STEM skills. The participants will be learning from their mentors and doing a number of activities throughout the year comprising of researching and developing projects for science fairs like SciFest and BT Young Scientist as well as creating social enterprises and developing apps as part of Technovation. The program offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders.


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