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Same-sex marriage also known as gay marriage is the marriage of two people of the same sex or genderentered into in a civil or religious ceremony. There are records of same-sex marriage dating back to the first century though there is no legal provision in Roman Law, and it was banned in the Roman Empire in the fourth. In the modern era, same-sex marriage started being legalized at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Polling and Analysis. Latin Americans tend to express traditional views about sexuality, marriage and social mores. For example, majorities in most Latin American countries are opposed to allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally.

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This article analyzes the evolution of gay and lesbian rights and same-sex marriage in American public opinion. It describes how Obergefell v. Hodges, state-level decisions and the public opinion trends can be considered as the outcome of a grassroots coordinated campaign which began more than a decade ago and was able to conquer the majority of Americans. It also focuses on the American public opinion trends related to moral issues, examining if it is true that U.

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The ruling is a major victory for same-sex couples, gay individuals, gay rights organisations and straight allies - those who are straight but support LGBT equality. But it should also come as a triumph for those whose conscience appeals to reason and the equal right to life and liberty of all human beings. In a global society where scientific advance, secular education and social mobility have redefined age-old theories of how we look at the world, the ruling is certainly the correct one.

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We concluded that, although the community is much more accepted today, we still have a long way to go before achieving true social equality. Our study clearly highlighted the emotional distress that this community faces at times and the lack of resources with which it has to contend. In hindsight, without minimizing the challenges facing these individuals, I believe that our conclusions might not have sufficiently stressed just how rapidly Canadians have changed their mindset in recent years, with Quebec leading the way.

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Same-sex marriage has been legalized in in twenty-seven countries, including the United States, and civil unions are recognized in many Western democracies. Yet same-sex marriage remains banned in many countries, and the expansion of broader lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT rights has been uneven globally. International organizations, including the United Nations, have issued resolutions in support of LGBT rights, but human rights groups say these organizations have limited power to enforce these newly recognized rights.

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Debates over gay marriage involve both legal and social arguments, for and against. Legal arguments on behalf of gay marriage tend to get more attention because it should be a matter of basic civil and equal rights. Yet, it's not demonstrable that gay marriage is harmful. On the contrary, there are good reasons to think that legalized gay marriage can benefit us all.

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Perhaps no issue is more nerve-wracking today than same-sex marriage. But beneath all the fiery passion and rhetoric, there are real arguments to evaluate. First, this article concerns civil marriage — marriage as defined and promoted by the state.

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Commentator Joseph C. Phillips shares his thoughts on the morality of same-sex marriage. Phillips is an actor and columnist living in Los Angeles. Earlier in the show, we talked about the issues and challenges around legalizing same sex marriage.


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