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There is a venerable religious tradition that provided sanction for same-sex marriages long before they were legally recognized. That tradition is Buddhism. In the United States government granted recognition to same-sex couples, not only providing benefits already available to opposite-sex couples but also affirming their relationships as loving and human.

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As he prepares to meet today with gay Buddhist leaders, the Dalai Lama has clarified his position on the morality of homosexuality for Buddhists and non-Buddhists. His comments were an effort to clarify statements in a book -- "Beyond Dogma," published last year by North Atlantic Books in Berkeley -- that upset some gay Buddhists. The Dalai Lama said the same Buddhist scripture that advises against gay and lesbian sex also urges heterosexuals to refrain from oral sex, anal sex and masturbation.

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Same-sex marriages are not legal in Japan. Same-sex couples from around the world visit the temple. HuffPost Japan posed the question to the Rev.

Sophia Newman. The national struggle over marriage equality appears to have entered its final round. Thirty-seven states now allow full marriage equality, and last year, court cases in Utah and Virginia ended in pro-equality rulings — plus requests from both sides for the US Supreme Court to review the cases and render its opinion.

Many views are held or have been expressed by religious organisations in relation to same-sex marriage. Although the majority of world religions oppose to same-sex marriage, the number of religious denominations that are conducting same-sex marriages have been increasing in recent times. Religious views on same-sex marriage are closely related to religious views on homosexuality.

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Towards a Welcoming and Inclusive Church. The following links may offer helpful information and links to additional resources on LGBT communities, support, and spirituality. The Institute for Welcoming Resources is not responsible for materials or links beyond those listed below.

The Dalai Lama is the spiritual and temporal head of the exiled government of Tibet, and is a member of the leadership of the Gelug -- the largest of the four sects of Tibetan Buddhism. He is revered by millions of Buddhists and non-Buddhists worldwide. His comments on homosexuality have been very widely reported -- and misreported -- in the media and over the Internet.

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Though it is impossible to present a comprehensive overview of Buddhism within this context, we hope this brief overview will lead you to further explore the religion. Based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, Buddhism is considered a way of life for more than million individuals across the globe. The fourth largest religion in the world, Buddhism is largely built on concepts that foster individual enlightenment and encourage personal responsibility. It is sometimes described more as a philosophy or psychology than a religion.

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These are external links and will open in a new window. Miriam hid her sexuality from her strict Muslim parents for years. When she eventually did come out to them, she found it impossible to translate "lesbian" into Punjabi or Urdu.

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