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You see my employer has kitted out our office with Apple Macs, the most un-helpful, un-user-friendly devices imaginable. Whereas on a simple low-spec PC I would be able to do most things a writer needs to do, such as rename files and multi-task between a few Word documents, on a Mac even these simple tasks become a chore. Now, before I get accused of being a PC fan-boy, this blog is in no way a rant without substance.

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Yes I am very late to this. Truly, madly, deeply. Reader, there is nothing remotely beautiful and butterfly-esque about the experience of depressing these keys.

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I s this the beginning of the end for Apple? Is the world falling out of love with the Croesus of Cupertino? Even Siri was sounding like an exhausted spin doctor when we asked it for answers.

For current political commentary, see the daily political notes. The Telegram client is free software on other platforms, but no apps are free on an iThing Apple used its censorship system to enforce China's censorship by blocking distribution of the New York Times app. More about Apple's censorship of apps and other malicious functionalities in Apple software. Apple appears to be censoring all bitcoin apps for iThings.

If you are a fan of Apple computers, then you are a moron and should stop reading this right now. I am typing this with difficulty on my iPad because my 1 year old Mac desktop just died. It literally just broke in the middle of twittering.

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I was a PC user until my late 20s, when I switched to iMac and iPhone, under the assumption that Apple is considered an industry standard for the field I had recently entered visual design. Now I feel as though I could have just continued using PC, which is fine because I'll be using both Mac and PC very soon, thanks to an slightly dated, not-being-used computer my dad is giving me. Of course, I'll still be using my iMac and iPhone, and it's become obvious to me that Apple is far more evil than Microsoft.

People like to believe that Apple is a company that never makes mistakes. Never has that logic been so obviously flawed as it was in So, for the sheer joy of it, we made a list. By all business standards, Apple had an absolutely spectacular year.


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