Breast cancer circadian therapy

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The circadian clock exists in virtually every cell and regulates key biological processes in cells and tissues. Even in cancer cells, DNA synthesis, cell division and tumor growth are gated by the circadian clock. This study examined the gene expression profiles of transplanted mouse breast tumor cells under normal light-dark LD as well as constant dark DD conditions.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content. Bright light therapy protects women from circadian rhythm desynchronization during chemotherapy for breast cancer. Neikrug and Michelle B.

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Circadian clocks are fundamental, time-tracking systems that allow organisms to adapt to the appropriate time of day and drive many physiological and cellular processes. Altered circadian rhythms can result from night-shift work, chronic jet lag, exposure to bright lights at night, or other conditioning, and have been shown to lead to increased likelihood of cancer, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, and immune dysregulation. In cases of cancer, worse patient prognoses and drug resistance during treatment have also been observed.

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As I talked about in my previous article of this series on sleep and cancerour circadian clocks oversee many processes that are critical for healthy cell function. In our daily circadian cycles, or rhythms, our bodies are equipped with a master regulator that keeps our cells functioning properly. When those cycles are thrown off course—by poor sleep or other factors—those key cellular functions can also go awry. If the timing of circadian clocks can throw the body into cancer, could circadian clocks be used to treat cancer?

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In a study published today in the journal PLOS Biologyresearchers at Penn Medicine show circadian disruptions trigger an increase in cell proliferation that, ultimately, shifts the cell-cycle balance and stimulates the growth of tumors in mice. Researchers found that one drug used for the treatment of breast cancer, Palbociclib, was more effective when taken in the morning than at night. Delivery of drug at a time of greater efficacy is expected to reduce the dose required, and thereby reduce side effects.

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Breast cancer has a multifactorial etiology. One of the supposed and novel mechanisms is an alteration of circadian gene expression. Circadian genes play a crucial role in many physiological processes.

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While insufficient sleep has been shown to have a litany of adverse endocrine effects, a new study presented at ENDO revealed the possible dangers of dim light exposure at night that could cause breast cancer to metastasize to the bones. Insleep is becoming a precious commodity. Both the CDC and the RAND Corporation declared lack of sleep a public health concern, and both organizations have offered recommendations for improving sleep: set consistent sleep times, exercise, limit the use of electronic devices before bedtime, and so on.

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Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. We invite data-driven submissions that will further expand our current understanding of the systemic, cellular and molecular mechanisms by which sleep and circadian rhythms influence the spectrum of carcinogenic processes in solid and liquid tumors. Research on reciprocal interactions between oncogenic processes and sleep and circadian physiology are encouraged. Submissions are invited that range from model systems to clinical research.

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When you eat may be as critical as what you eat for your risk of breast and prostate cancers, a research team reported this week. The findings came from a Spanish study published in the International Journal of Cancerwhich was led by environmental, occupational and molecular epidemiologist Dr. In a nutshell, participants in the study who ate dinner before 9 p.

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Circadian clocks respond to environmental time cues to coordinate hour oscillations in almost every tissue of the body. In the breast, circadian clocks regulate the rhythmic expression of numerous genes. Disrupted expression of circadian genes can alter breast biology and may promote cancer.


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