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Mocumentaries screw with our mythological realities — degrading them, laying them wide-open to expose their ridiculous, naked truths to our relatively highbrowed snickering. But in spite of its subject — a ridiculously unlikely pornstar and his comic adventures in and out of the sex industry — this is the real thing: an actual docu mentary on an ironic, minor American hero, B-list celebrity and pop-culture icon. Filmmaker Scott J. Jeremy admits to the anxiety and loneliness of a long distinguished run in the professional sex trade.

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Porn spoofs of science fiction, fantasy and superheroes have saved the adult movie industry from financial ruin in recent years. But they've been around for as long as X-rated movies have existed. Note: Because this list was too long, and was in danger of crashing everyone's browser, I put the superhero, Star Wars and Star Trek spoofs on a separate page. Update: Added horror over there, too.

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The film was directed by Radley Metzger as "Henry Paris", uncredited [1] [2] [3] and filmed in several elaborate locations in New York City. The film was released during the Golden Age of Porn inaugurated by the release of Andy Warhol 's Blue Movie in the United States, at a time of " porno chic ", [6] [7] in which adult erotic films were just beginning to be widely released, publicly discussed by celebrities like Johnny Carson and Bob Hope [8] and taken seriously by film critics like Roger Ebert. Betty, a friend, suggests that Tiffany, a housewife seeking a way to enrich her love life, see Florence Nightingale on her radio show where guests are welcome to enjoy erotic activities in front of a live audience.

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