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Same-sex marriage has been legal sinceand same-sex couples are allowed to adopt. Conversion therapy on minors has also been illegal since Several Native American tribes in modern-day Washington recognize individuals who act, behave and live as the opposite gender, now referred to as " two-spirit ".

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Transgender people across Western Australia are celebrating today, following the WA Parliament finally removing outdated laws forcing them to divorce the person they love in order to update their birth certificate. But it has been a long journey for advocates who have been campaigning on this issue since marriage equality was legislated in After everything we did to get there, I was feeling left out, I was not equal, and neither were many of my sisters and brothers.

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Confusion has followed an announcement from Western Australian Attorney General John Quigley that stated the government would look into sections of Western Australian law that require people to get divorced before being recognised as having changed gender. Now the chair of the Law Reform Commission has clarified that their review will consider people who are transgender, identifying as male or female, as well as people who are intersex, and people who wish to have no gender recorded on their official documents. Many people who are transgender have not been able to get their gender change officially recognised because they did not want to end their marriages.

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But it will require the military to discharge service members who appear transgender or act transgender by failing to meet grooming, uniform, and other military standards for their birth sex. In both cases, Trump announced the policies as outright bans before officials revised them incrementally to bypass earlier court rulings and then insisted they weren't bans at all. The transgender military memo, signed by David L. Gender dysphoria is, for many, the essence of being transgender.

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Some courts have ruled that Title VII also bans discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The Supreme Court recently announced it will take up this question in three cases. In addition, many states and cities have laws that ban this kind of discrimination.

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This guide is designed to help transgender individuals understand their legal rights in Washington State. The current legal system assumes individuals identify as one gender, either male or female. While this guide provides an understanding of the current legal system, the ACLU recognizes that many people do not identify as male or female.

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In other words, public and private entities must allow men claiming to identify as women to use facilities designated for women, and vice versa for women claiming to identify as men. To see why, one merely needs to observe how Leftists have twisted our understanding of sex to make the case for their social agenda—thereby establishing an arrangement that implements the very type of discrimination that they purport to be combatting. Federal and state laws forbid discrimination on the basis of sex, and have done so since the mid-twentieth century.

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Civil rights laws prohibit discrimination and discriminatory harassment on the basis of gender expression and gender identity in Washington public schools. Chapter 28A. Students have the right to express their gender at school-within the constraints of the school's dress code-without discrimination or harassment. Public schools must allow students to use the restroom and locker room that corresponds to their gender identity.

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Creating a Washington State where all people can live their lives safely, true to themselves, and free from discrimination. Gender Justice League works through education, advocacy, and grassroots community building to shift culture and policies. We rely on a team of volunteers dedicated to social justice to make it all happen.

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Both state law and the federal Affordable Care Act prevent health insurance companies from discriminating against someone based on their gender identity and related medical conditions. If a health insurer covers medically necessary services for its enrollees, it cannot exclude or deny those services for a transgender person due to the person's gender identity. Examples include:.


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