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Serial paedophile William McGill was brought to justice years after he abused the lads in West Lothian. A convicted paedophile admitted sexually abusing two teenage boys while he was working as an ice cream van driver. The court heard the teenager was then sexually abused by McGill.

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Haggis, kilts, Rod Stewart… you name it, all wonderfully Scottish exports that Scottish people are super proud of. However, in news that is likely to upset many north of the border, one of their other beloved exports, Irn Bru, does not actually have an authentically Scottish past. Despite having a name so Scottish, that you literally sound ridiculous saying it unless you say it in the accent, new research claims its origins are in America.

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The Brits may have been in the news recently for smashing up their own countrybut that doesn't mean the UK isn't a sensitive place. Just have a look at these billboards, all of which caused a little bit of a stir in Britain when they first appeared. All of the billboards pictures made their way into public advertising space, causing offense as they did so.

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Email address:. He rooted it oot. We take that O and make it a U. Alcoholic and a racist!

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The drink currently contains The recipe is a closely-guarded secret which has been handed down from generation to generation of the Barr family. Irn-Bru originally became popular because sanitation was poor at the time and it was considered to be a healthy way to boost your energy by many people in industrial areas.

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Could anyone in that area in S. Thousands of books have been written about the highland clans. Perhaps the most intriguing Valentine's statistic of all, however, is the 5.

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Advert censor dismisses whinges about Irn Bru advert featuring a very mammary mum. See article from asa. A TV ad featured a mother cleaning the kitchen as her son and two friends walked in.

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Sick Michael Gray's 'trademark' form of violence was putting his victims' lives at risk by compressing their throats with his hands or with the belt from a bathrobe. A sex attacker who preyed on seven women in a campaign of abuse spanning nearly three decades has been jailed for life. Michael Gray, branded a "danger to women" and an "opportunist", sexually assaulted some of his victims while they slept. The year-old carried out a perverted attack on one woman using a pool cue and an Irn Bru bottle.

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A petition was made, stockpiling was donebut no-one could save the original recipe and the low-sugar version was introduced at the start of this year. A message to our fans. And some much-needed facts about BRU.

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Irn-Bru maker AG Barr has warned that profits will collapse this year due to poor weather — particularly in its native Scotland — and customers turning away from its reduced-sugar drinks ranges. The Rockstar energy division has also had to contend with a crackdown and awareness-raising by campaigners about teenagers consuming high-caffeine drinks. Several supermarkets have banned sales of the products to unders. We are focused on returning to growth and will continue to take the actions we believe necessary to succeed in the dynamic environment within which we operate Roger White, AG Barr.


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