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Max Mosley is suing Google yet again over links to pictures of him enjoying certain practices at a private sex party. As he points out himself this was all legal, private and consensual and is therefore none of anyone else's business. Which, if you take the right of privacy seriously I don't but the law in some places does seems a fair enough reason for people not to be showing the pictures of what happened.

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By Daily Mail Reporter. He took the Sunday newspaper to court in and won a landmark privacy case. He successfully sued the News of the World for claiming his five-hour bottom-spanking, whipping and fantasy session with women in striped prison pyjamas had a 'Nazi theme'.

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A German court has ordered Google to block its search results in Germany linking to photos of former Formula One chief Max Mosley at a sex party. The Hamburg court did not allege that Google took the images, but instead identified the Internet company as a distributor of them and ordered the photos blocked for privacy reasons. The ruling comes just a few months after a separate court in France ordered Google to block pictures of Mosley that were initially published in in the defunct British tabloid News of the World.

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She said Mosely, 75, had commented that "the agreement is confidential I'm happy and I do not want to jeopardise it". Google spokesman Klaas Flechsig also told AFP that "I can confirm that we have settled the dispute to the satisfaction of both sides in all countries. A court in Hamburg, Germany had in January last year ruled that the US technology firm must prevent the pictures being shown on its German-based google.

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He wants the pictures of him with prostitutes removed from the search engine's index. Funny how we'd all forgotten about these salacious images, but Max has reminded us all over again. And, no, your humble blogwatcher isn't going to link to them.

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Mosley claims the firm violated the Data Protection Act by publishing the pictures which were first published in the now-defunct News of the World tabloid. The pictures showed Mosley engaging in sadomasochistic sex acts with prostitutes in an apartment in Chelsea. Mosley is claimingunder the "Right to be Forgotten" ruling in Europe last year, the images should be removed from the search engine.

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Max Mosley2 MAR Max Mosley Police to look into whether Max Mosley lied under oath at orgy privacy trial after discovery of fascist pamphlet The Crown Prosecution Service has sent Scotland Yard a dossier probing evidence Mosley gave at the High Court hearing in when he denied all knowledge of any such pamphlet. Politics Press gagging laws will be a 'gift to the corrupt' as deadline looms.

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And a deeper probe into his past has shone a light on claims of thuggery and diehard support for his fascist Hitler-loving father Sir Oswald. THE young Max Mosley stood alongside thugs supporting his fascist father and was caught up in brutal street clashes and a melee at an election rally. Mosley solicitors took legal action against the Sketch over suggestions the pair fought alongside the teddy boys.

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Updated January 24, A German court has ruled that Google must block photos of a sadomasochistic orgy involving former Formula One boss Max Mosley. The court said the six images taken from a video of the orgy that was filmed by Britain's now defunct News of the World tabloid seriously breached Mr Mosley's privacy.

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Max Mosley, the former president of Formula 1's governing body who is campaigning for tighter privacy laws, has talked about the effect on his family of his sado-masochistic sex scandal. In Marchthe News of the World reported that Mosley, now 70, had taken part in sado-masochistic games with five sex workers. In July that year, Mosley won a case against the newspaper for invasion of privacy. In an interview broadcast in Radio 4's On the Ropes programme this morning, John Humphrys asked Mosley whether his wife Jean had "got over" the scandal.


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