Why do my cats lick each other

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Why do their tongues feel so strange and why are they so obsessed with using them? Cat tongues are designed to be highly efficient multipurpose tools. The barbs are covered in keratin the same material that cat claws and human fingernails are made of for strength and durability and are oriented such that they point backward, towards the throat.

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Many people assume that cats lick them as a sign of love which isn't really that far off. While it's hard to determine if cats feel complex emotions like love, licking is a sign of affection. Cats usually lick themselves in order to groom.

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At this point, either the first cat will continue to groom the second on his or her own, or the second cat will join in, grooming the first cat back until the two begin licking and grooming one another for a little while. Allogrooming — or social grooming between two or more members of the same species — is something that many species do. There are a number of things we know to be true about allogroming in domestic cats.

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There have been multiple studies to see why it is cats groom each other, and let me tell you, some of the reasons surprised me. Researchers believe that cats are taught to groom each other from a young age. Since the mother cat commonly grooms her children, mutual grooming tends to take place amongst siblings. We were in a similar situation.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. Why do cats groom each other? What does this behavior have to do with their big-cat cousins, maternal instincts, social bonding and hierarchies?

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It's enjoyable to watch two cats greet each other. They purr loudly, butt heads and lick each other -- sometimes even when they first meet. Kitties lick each other for a variety of reasons, and if a cat considers you part of her family, she'll lick you, too.

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One such thing is cats licking and grooming each other. But if the two cats happen to be siblings, friends or even mates, then they will groom each other quite often. In fact, you might even see a pattern of dominance among them.

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The scientific term for this behavior is allogrooming or social grooming. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Southampton, UK and the University of Leiden, Netherlands, analyzed grooming interactions among a group of 83 domestic cats. The study shed some interesting light on this behavior.

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Cats are some of the cleanest animals on earth, even though they hate water and avoid it at all costs. How often have you come upon a stinky house cat? And why is this?

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Cats groom each other when they have bonded together. To your surprise, something happens suddenly and the fur starts flying. Quite a ritualistic exercise, all cats spend a large portion of each day going through their fur and cleaning every reachable part of their body.


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