Signs my father is gay

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If you are reading this you are most likely trying to be a good parent in an extremely confusing situation and are probably getting lots of conflicting information. You are doing the right thing and can get through this. Take a deep breath.

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My teen daughter came out as a lesbian and her dad did not take it well. How do I get him to come around? Teen daughter came out and told me she was a lesbian.

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My father is a Frenchman who moved to the Netherlands 24 years ago to raise a family with my mother. Being a curious person with a love of culture, he was soon talking and acting like a Dutch guy—raising my brother and me in the Dutch language. Once a week, my dad would call his father and siblings in France.

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Coming out to your parents as lesbian, gay or bisexual naturally brings up a lot of questions. How will they react? Will it change anything? Can I say it without getting upset?

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However, it is only relatively recently that developmental scientists have conducted controlled studies with one clear aim in mind, which is to go beyond mere stereotypes and accurately identity the most reliable signs of later homosexuality. In looking carefully at the childhoods of now-gay adults, researchers are finding an intriguing set of early behavioral indicators that homosexuals seem to have in common. And, curiously enough, the age-old homophobic fears of parents seem to have some genuine predictive currency.

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A: When an 8 year-old asks this kind of question, the answer is almost always more straightforward than most parents fear: the truth. Most 8 year-olds will gladly accept an answer that is honest and to the point without giving excessive details. This might sound something like, "Sometimes men fall in love with men and women fall in love with women - when they do, we call it a 'gay' relationship.

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Many parents miss this opportunity and both the parents and children suffer. In this article, I will address the many assumptions parents and others make regarding whether a child is gay or not. If there is one thing I would like you to take from this article, it is: Gay children who are not accepted by their parents have a higher risk of depression, suicide, drug use and having unsafe sex.

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My husband and I have been together almost four years now. We have a new baby girl with wispy blond hair and big, steely blue eyes. Everyone tells me how much she looks like her father. Four years together, and little of that time with him sober.

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And while, today, I do feel all of those things for both of my gay sons, I still feel deep shame about how I acted toward them when they first came out. In those dreams, I had a tow-headed, blue-eyed, loving grandson just like Luke. I had it all planned out.

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Try not to make assumptions and let them come and tell you in their own time. One thing you can do is give them the information they need to make good decisions. You can contact Stonewall's Information Service for pointers. One of the hardest things for LGBT people to face is rejection from their friends and family.


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