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If it's not your mental health, it's your physical health and if it's not that there's the small matter of your vaginal health to worry about too. In regards to sex, there's nothing worse than being in the heat of the moment with your partner and suddenly feeling like you're going to burst because you need to pee. Now we know why that happens.

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So you stop, dash to the bathroom, and pee. It takes a while to get back into things and you silently resent your bladder for messing with your fun. If your bladder has any fluid inside, that pressure is going to make you feel like you need to pee.

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The sudden need to pee during sex can be an alarming prospect. Is this a normal thing or should you see a doctor? The urge to urinate during sex is actually a lot more common than you might expect.

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In the realm of widely held beliefs and myths about sex and sexual health, we give one particularly pervasive piece of advice to women: That they should always urinate before sex. But is this true, and is the practice of urinating before sex actually beneficial to most women? I spoke with Dr. Women who aren't particularly susceptible can still help prevent UTIs by peeing after sex.

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It is first and foremost important to note that there is nothing wrong with women who experience pleasure from delaying urination. This is similar to the feeling you get after holding something heavy for a long time. When you finally put the heavy object down, you feel a release in your arms as the muscles relax.

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My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years. We've been best friends for five, and he's the best ever. However, when we have sex and he goes down on me and it feels absolutely amazing, I start squirming, and then I get this "I'm going to pee" feeling.

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Several sexual positions stir up internal sensations that scare many women into thinking they might spray the sheets. This feeling can be caused by your partner's penis putting pressure on your bladder. But it can also be a reaction to the internal stimulation from penetration.

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Skip to content. Every time I feel like I want to orgasm, I stop because it feels like I have to pee. I don't know if I have to pee or if I'm really having an orgasm.

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The vulva is laid out from north to south thusly: clitoris, urethra, vagina, perineum, anus. Under the surface of the vulva, the urethra is surrounded by the urethral sponge. You know how to have to kind of take some deep, cleansing breaths and think about baseball or icebergs?

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Zak and Sara totally did it on the yard line last night. I heard she was so loud campus security came running. People can be loud during sex.


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