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I think we can all agree that was an Lots of weird shit happened that made us look to the heavens and shake our heads, including:. But when it comes to sex news, oh boy.

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The confessions come after a survey found sex with an ex, sex scenes on TV or online and sex with a famous person were the top three British fantasies. One Cambridge-based sex worker who calls herself Jessy says a lot of men don't want sex at all, but just want to talk. She told Cambridge News : "They just want female company where they can talk freely without being judged or condemned for their thoughts".

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In this liberated age, anything between consenting adults in private goes. Well, in the West anyway, and almost anything. This is what a man currently on trial for murder in Wales is alleged to have done.

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Researchers say this is, in fact, the 1 mistake people make which makes them stop enjoying healthy sex life. An individual's premarital views about uncommitted sex, such as one-night stands or casual sex, may make it more difficult to remain blissfully married. A lot of people may not be able to relate inserting fine needles in their body with better sex, but there is actually a link between this ancient Chinese remedy and turning up the heat in the bed.

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Published: May 6, One guy had his scrotum swell to the size of a cantaloupe from bleeding into the scrotal space. He claimed that he had been riding his tractor naked and fell down onto the ground… onto the zucchini.

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SEX toys, white powder and pills are being offered to Facebook users in bizarre targeted Wish adverts. Thousands of ads are displayed daily for a range of items at extremely low prices - including toenail extenders and "cute" tampons. One Twitter user shared a grab of the advert for the powder, saying: "Right these wish adverts are getting out of hand now.

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Read the latest news reports and real life stories about some of the weirdest sex experiences between the sheets. Weird Sex. Umm what?

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I suggested he put the bed sheet between us and dry hump, because it would still give us stimulation. We didn't use a condom because I have the implant and we've both been tested. I went to the bathroom and had an unexpectedly violent sneeze. His cum came shooting out and landed in a nice puddle on the bath mat.

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Toggle navigation. You are Here : Home Entertainment Bizarre. A Christian leader claims female masturbation can open a portal to hell.

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By Tracey Cox for MailOnline. This week, I thought I'd give a salute to the strange-but-fascinating side of sexual practises. Human sexuality really is diverse — and perverse! Virginity was revered by ancient and not so ancient cultures and each developed its own method of virgin authenticity.


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