My wife finally shaved

By James Tweedie For Mailonline. A Pakistani woman who claims her husband beat her and shaved her head because she refused to dance for his friends has demanded 'full justice'. Asma Aziz, from Lahore in Pakistan, appeared in a video on social media last week begging for help and claiming she had been attacked and humiliated by her husband and his friends.

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Unfortunately no matter how much we want or try, not all gentlemen have the luxury of keeping a beard. Until recently, the thought of shaving my beard off would have been considered murder in the eyes of my wife and daughter. So I indulged her and took a steel blade to my face for the first time in 8 years!

After growing her dreadlocks for years, Dawne Kirkwood was nervous to show her husband her newly shaved head. So after 20 years of growing her dreads my mom wanted to cut off her hair. In a sweet video shared on Twitter, Kirkwood is shown inching around a corner in her home as she prepares to unveil her newly shaved head to her husband.

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Shortly before getting engaged I shaved my head. Not one of those cute pixie hair-cuts. This was a shorn-to-skin put-a-soldier-to-shame kind of bald.

My wife still hasn't noticed I shaved my beard off this morning. It never looks any different anyway. Every once in a while, my dh shaves.

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Love can make us do all kinds of crazy things, but it also makes us feel comfortable and safe. For some, this feeling of being comfortable is a good thing. For others, however, it can cause the other partner to grow frustrated. She simply had to grin and bear it.

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It was a nice warm weekend morning in the spring of A beautiful time of day in a beautiful time of year, made even better by the fact that although the sun was spilling in through the windows. Our child was still asleep, allowing us a rare opportunity to sleep in.

One of the first questions that I asked a rabbi when I was considering marrying someone Hasidic was whether or not I needed to shave my head. When people asked me whether or not I planned to shave I answered that what was under my sheitel was my own business. But once I was married and realized how unusual it was for a Hasidic woman not to shave, I was ashamed that I still had my hair.


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