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But when your undies are doused in urine, you have no choice but to ditch them. Sometimes we get sent some … unusual products here at ModernMan. I needed a plan.

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Consider the most annoying things in life. For the vast majority, "bursting for a piss" is surely up there with "wasps," "offensively slow walkers," and "plugging your phone in overnight and waking up to discover the plug was never on. For the uninitiated, omorashi —from the Japanese word for "wet yourself"—is a fetish that involves being sexually aroused by the discomfort of a full bladder.

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Because of that, many of my other adventures started to quiet down. Since I had handled things poorly in the past, I decided to do some research on relationships. What makes them work?

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Updated: August 26, References. Perhaps the most iconic of sleepover pranks, tricking your snoozing friends into peeing themselves has an obvious appeal. Home Random.

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To put it simply, he pees when he comes. In fact, he is the only person in the world who does this we think. In spite of this, Seth maintains a rather enviable sex life, but his condition has left him with a sense of isolation few of us can understand.

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You know those last few drops of urine that you just can't seem to 'shake' after you empty your bladder? The ones that land in your underwear or stain your pants? Well no you aren't a freak, no your penis isn't broke, and yes, it affects every guy.

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MOST people will find themselves a situation where they they can't pee because something's throwing them off at some stage of their life. But shy bladder syndrome or 'paruresis' can get so bad that some extreme psychological sufferers can't urinate at all. For those worst affected, they can only urinate alone at home or, in the worst cases, the anxiety is so bad they need a catheter.

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Victoria Beckham was spotted leaving her flagship store in London on Tuesday night—or Wednesday morning, considering it was 2 a. Yes, by the looks of the photographs, it appeared Victoria—who was decked out in a black shirt with black jeans, matching black pumps and a pair of sunnies—had wet her pants! But while she definitely did experience a little accident, it wasn't what it seemed.

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