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Coffy is one of the finest flicks from the era, a snappy revenge action movie with a feminist slant, a killer soundtrack, a sense of the absurd, a little social outrage, and a crowd-pleasing structure designed to elicit grindhouse cheers that have yet to fade. Pam Grier stars Coffy, a woman on a mission. Grier starts seducing drug dealers and bringing them back to her home only to scream out her rage about the issue and murder them dead.

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After years of small roles in exploitation flicks, Pam Grier finally hit it big with the blaxploitation classic Coffy Written and directed by Jack Hill, who had directed Grier in low-budget flicks before, Coffy to modern eyes looks far less empowering than it does exploitative. Grier spends a significant amount of time in the film nude, as do almost all the actresses; they lose their shirts in fistfights faster than Bruce Lee ever did.

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Two of the more common elements in recent commercial black movies have been their willingness to glorify drug pushers, and their almost total disregard for women. The girl then essentially has nothing to do until the end of the movie, when she gets to welcome the hero back to bed. She either gets to take her man a weapon when he needs one, or, occasionally, she gets to be held captive by the Mafia-pig-rackets boss-racists-opposition gang-rival-drug pusher until her hero can come smashing through the window and blow everybody to pieces with his thirty-aught-eight.

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In Coffyreleased in JunePam Grier proved herself to be the most deadly nurse ever. Introduced as a seductive junkie in the back seat of a limousine, Coffin Grierknown as Coffy, is the type of woman who gets right down to business. Just a few minutes into the movie, she's already blown a drug dealer's head off and pinned it on his henchman, to whom she's given a lethal dose of heroin. Call it poetic justice, call it whatever you like, but Coffy is angry and doesn't have time for any pretty words.

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More than 40 years after the films that launched her career, she is still the ultimate symbol of a strong, sexy Black woman. We talked with the screen siren about her legacy on and off the screen. With a roster of iconic personas spanning across film and TV genres, Grier, 64, says her recognition usually depends on your favorite channel.

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Rare groove cd's. Soul Vaccination. Roy Ayers : Coffy 1.

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June 08, Reviews. In the s, not many actresses had the presence of Pam Grier. For someone so tall and statuesque, it was remarkable that Grier avoided being typecast as mere bombshells, or as physically imposing villains.

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Pam Grier is mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore. She plays a nurse by day and vigilante by night and Mr. Skin can't decide which is sexier. In a series of seduce-'em-then-blow-'em-away vignettes, Pam uses her big guns to lure in drug dealers and pimps before cleaning the street of their scummy ilk.

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Along the way, she meets a honest police detective who also is leading a double life. Written by blazesnakes9 User Reviews: The main reason to watch this film is to watch Pam Grier bare all in one of her best outings. The acting is sub par and the soundtrack is definitely a time capsule.

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Coffy became a huge success, both financially and critically, earning far more than its competition and established Pam Grier as an icon of the genre and an idol for African American woman everywhere. Just 24 years old at the time, the beautiful, busty and smart Grier carried the film with a devastating, voluptuous punch as the shotgun-toting heroine. Peter ever seen!


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