Anal papillitis

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Injuries to the lower part of the rectum and to the anal canal from certain foods and from foreign bodies, especially small ones ingested with food, are of sufficiently frequent occurrence to merit consideration. I shall not attempt a review of the literature to show all such articles that have been found but shall rather try to show the seriousness of the damage done and the course of the resulting infection. One wonders how some of the articles found could possibly have escaped detection during mastication.

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At the bottom of the ampoule wall of the rectum are called morganievy columns and crypts. These formations, as it were surrounded by semilunar valves. Sometimes the free edge of the valve may be a small triangular elevation — is anal papillae.

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Diagnosis Index entries containing back-references to K Toggle navigation. Use Additional.

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Removal of hypertrophied anal papillae and fibrous polyps improves outcome of anal fissure surgery. Anal papillae, [1] which are also called as anal fibroma, papillitis hypertrophicans, or "cat tooth", are the fine points of projections of the extreme upper end of anal canal skin at the mucocutaneous junction. Small Papillae remain usually asymptomatic.

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What is Fistula? A fistula is an abnormal tunnel or tract that connects one surface in the body to another. Fistulas are two types: anal fistula and rectovaginal fistula.

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The utility model relates to an omnibearing anus speculum. The speculum body of the utility model is a transparent conical tube; the top end of the speculum body is a transparent spherical closed end; the bottom of the speculum body is a stop port in a loudspeaker type, and the outer wall of the stop port is fixedly provided with a handle. The wall of the speculum body is divided into an upper part and a lower part, while two treatment holes are arranged.

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Background: The presence of Hypertrophied anal papillae and fibrous anal polyps are often ignored in the proctology practice. But the experience is that they tend to produce minor but disturbing symptoms. This study is aimed to assay the impact and utility of attending to these two conditions concurrently while dealing with cases of fissure in ano.

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Many researchers studied human Papillomavirus infection in the anal area supposing it represents a risk factor for precursor lesions of anal cancer. To study the association between histological findings suggestive of injury by the virus in hemorrhoidectomy specimens. Prevalence study was carried out based on histopathological analysis of hemorrhoidectomy specimens to find viral cytopathic effects. These findings were compared with anal condyloma acuminata that had no relationship with hemorrhoidectomy for microscopic comparison.

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Six features are of diagnostic importance : pain, bleeding, pruritus ani, anal swelling, discharge, abnomalies on defaecation. It is the presence of revctal bleeding which is important and worrying, rather than its volume, frequency or nature, and which makes the patient take medical advice. F - Abnormalites on defaecation :.

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The correct diagnosis and treatment of any of these disorders require a careful patient history and thorough physical examination. Dietary history should also be obtained because inadequate fiber intake, suboptimal fluid intake, and foods known to alter bowel habits may be revealed as contributory to hemorrhoidal symptoms. Hemorrhoids are masses of vascular tissue that, along with connective and muscular tissue, form a cushion in the submucosal layer of the anal canal. One of their functions is to help maintain anal closure and continence.


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