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TV guest blasted for Meghan Markle comments. James McAvoy talks about working with Stephen King. Who made Vanity Fair's 'Best Dressed' list.

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Monica Samille Lewinsky born July 23, [1] is an American activist, television personality, fashion designer, and former White House intern. President Bill Clinton admitted to having had what he called an "inappropriate relationship" with Lewinsky while she worked at the White House in — The affair and its repercussions which included Clinton's impeachment became known later as the Clinton—Lewinsky scandal.

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But this week, Lewinsky is back in the headlines after the National Enquirer claimed it had obtained a "sex tape" recorded for Clinton by Lewinsky around November In typical tabloid style, the magazine describes the "bombshell" tape as "steamy" and "sensational," and claims it obtained the audio from a source who disobeyed orders to destroy it. According to CNN, Lewinsky and Clinton began their sexual relationship in November oftwo years before this tape was allegedly recorded.

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The redaction is likely to anger Republicans, because the allegation has been known since at least and the Mueller report's reference to a claim that President Trump watched prostitutes urinating in a Moscow hotel room was not struck out. Clinton allegedly was recorded by Russia in the s, allowing Russia to learn of the affair before American officials. At a meeting in New York, Simes told Kushner the details: Russia allegedly recorded President Clinton on the phone with Lewinsky, opening questions of foreign leverage over the ex-president-turned-potential first spouse. Ermarth, 78, a year CIA veteran and chairman of the National Intelligence Council from tosaid he was concerned with the wording in the report.

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Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that Donald Trump would not be required to comply with a potential subpoena from the special counsel investigating possible collusion with Russia. Bobby Jindal, the first ever Indian-American to run for White House, today said the economic policy announced by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would lead the US towards the path of Greece, which is facing a major economic crisis. Bill Clinton sought the advice of Steve Jobs in a late-night phone conversation, according to a new biography of the late Apple co-founder.

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Newly released video this week from the Clinton library shows footage of then-President Bill Clinton interacting with Monica Lewinsky during an Oval Office photo op in -- on a day that played a starring role in the Lewinsky scandal. The video shows Clinton delivering his weekly radio address on Feb. Clinton is seen talking with Lewsinsky, who had worked as a White House intern, for several seconds, putting his arm around her and then posing for a photograph.

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Skip to this video now. Play Video. Monica Lewinsky on affair with President Clinton: 'I just felt terrible'.

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The Monica Lewinsky scandal began in the late s, when America was rocked by a political sex scandal involving President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern in her early 20s. Inthe two began a sexual relationship that continued sporadically until During that time, Lewinsky was transferred to a job at the Pentagon, where she confided in coworker Linda Tripp about her affair with the president.

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Titled "Impeachment", Lewinsky — whose headline-making trysts saw her pilloried as a "stupid bimbo" — is lifting the lid on their affair, as she is working as a producer on the show. Lewinsky's affair with Clinton in the s nearly brought down his presidency, and the public backlash resulted in her feeling like "the most humiliated woman in the world". TV producer Ryan Murphy, who created the American Crime Story series, originally bought the rights to bring the book to TV in but admitted to having doubts about telling the story without Lewinsky's involvement.

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After graduating from college, she took an internship and then a job at the White House. From mid toLewinsky was involved in a sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton. Her taped conversations with the president, and subsequent testimony, led to a media frenzy and a political firestorm. Her father, Bernard Lewinsky, is an oncologist, and her mother, Marcia Kaye Vilensky, is an author who publishes under the name Marcia Lewis.


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